In the time of Covd-19 world has to live with it, But at places where peoples movement, it is important to monitor first level and sanitize them at minimum required level before entering area concerned. It is a touch free system that can be powered by Grid with a BATT ERA (patented) / Battery backup. In case power availability is poor in day time, SOLA ERA (Solar Panel) can be connected to operate it 24 x 7.

Whenever any person comes in its sensing range temperature meter will be activated & its body temperature will be displayed with an audio indication. In case it has fever an audio alarm and visual indication will come up. Once brings hands to sanitizing area, machine will make a spray with lights on in that area.

Tech Details :

Grid Operating Voltage 230 V AC +/- 15%
Solar Panel Power 50 Watts/22 Volts
Battery 12V / 7 Ah Lead Acid
Idle Power Consumption 2 Watts
Motor Operating Voltage 24 V
Activation Range 0.5 meter
Temperature Range 95 - 105°F / 30 - 40°C
Display Time 20 Sec
Lower Fever Detection >99.6° F
Higher Fever Detection >102.5° F

Capacity 10Ltr.
Pump ON time 6 Sc
Sensor Range 20cm
LED Indication Yes(when turned ON)
Display / Indication
Display Type 16 x 2 LCD Alphanumeric
Information on the Display Temp in °C / °F
Pass / Fail Count
LED Battery Power

Cloud Storage (Optional)
Persons tested
Pass / Fail Count
Temp in °C / °F
Person temp data with time stamp
Alarm against failure
Size (mm) 385 H x 400 W x 325 D
Weight 6 Kg
Packinging Size (mm) 400 H x 420 W x 350 D
Packing list (mm) Sanitizer (250ml)
Basic system with 7 Segment LED display

Area of Scope

Banks, Offices, Railways, Bus Stand, Malls, Metro Stations, Retail outlets, Restaurants, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Gym, Authorized stores, Corporate offices etc.,